SETGA in full colour

SETGA in full colour

SETGA develops the first projectors with RGBW lighting technology made in Spain

After years of working with LED technology, SETGA develops projectors with RGBW lighting technology. This is a new inclusion in an existing area, in responses to the demands of an increasingly demanding market.

RGBW (red, green, blue and white) is a colour model based on additive synthesis, through which it is possible to represent a colour by mixing the three primary light colours. RGBW LED products combine these three colours to produce over 16 million light tones. This technology is very useful to achieve a decorative effect.

RGBW technology provides each LED with 4 connections. The advantage that this provides is that, by controlling the intensity of the three basic colours, any desired colour of light can be obtained. For example, by turning the three channels to the maximum, you get the colour white, by turning on the blue and the red you get purple, whilst by turning on the green and the red you get the yellow colour. In addition, by using systems that control the intensity of each colour, infinite colour combinations can be achieved.

To generate the desired environment or RGBW colour changes we use a DMX 512 controller. The choice of an RGBW or other control system will depend largely on the type of installation, its size, and the amount of effects and functions required. For this reason, the DMX 512 is chosen, as it is one of the most reliable controllers currently on the market and is capable of functionally encompassing larger, versatile and complex installations.

This technology allows us to provide our products with a versatility that provides a great colour variation, creating a new world of fascinating experiences.