Smart AuthentiCity30 years of shared history

Since the very beginning, SETGA has been the meeting point of bold engineers whose lives have been fully dedicated to exploring new ways to combine lighting, communications, electronics and design. Their research work in various institutions, universities and companies has led to the creation of light solutions which are capable of responding to contemporary challenges.

As a result of this, a small team was created that had the ability to challenge technological uncertainty. The instinct for self-improvement, talent and passion prevailed over the inertia of the status quo at that time. Over the years, the stability and low turnover of its human team transformed the initial vocation into consolidated experience, while the continued incorporation of promising professionals accelerated the company’s level of technical specialisation.

Its growing international presence across 15 countries is the result of renouncing industrial globalisation to respond to global diversity. This contradiction has allowed us to be part of some of the
most emblematic and representative projects of the world scene, from the centre of Amsterdam to the most important port in Europe, via the capital of fashion. In total over 5,100 new urban realities on three continents, small steps towards a liveable future, capable of transforming light as a universal language into a means to express the uniqueness of one’s identity.

That is why, throughout the history of SETGA, design and technology has always acquired a dimension adapted to the heterogeneity of public space.

Public spaces tend to optimise the homogeneous, experiencing how their personality is diluted in a globalised environment where a sense of belonging loses its roots.

The search for urban authenticity is therefore a path that determines the most sensitive factors to the essence of each city. Engineers, architects and lighting designers capable of converting standardised environments
Into icons of collective memory.

Since our inception, the collaboration with multiple professionals from these fields has helped us to understand how diversity can drive honest and human co-innovation.

Iluminación urbana

Following decades of continuous research, the definitive transition of all SETGA public lighting series to LED technology was completed in 2015.

The wide range of materials and transformation technologies applied by Setga in the manufacture of columns and anchoring systems, create appropriate solutions to the requirements of each environment.

Urban mobility

traffic lights and urban comfort constitute a fundamental area of innovation to improve mobility systems in a city.

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Countries with offices

Countries with offices

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Patents and registered designs

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Direct employees

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Outsourced employees in Spain

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Social employment

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Its growing international presence across 16 countries is the result of renouncing industrial globalisation to respond to global diversity.

Setga in numbers
Bringing the future forward

Bringing the future forward

Based on our values ​​and effort, we seek growth through excellence in our solutions as the greatest of our challenges, focusing our work on innovation and seeking improvement in three essential areas: the creation of new lighting technologies, the use of materials that are increasingly respectful of the environment and the development of intelligent control systems focused on efficiency.

This leads us to the search for a more liveable future, where each city can nurture its uniqueness and authenticity, a future that we want to continue to be a part of.

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