Column featuring sober lines created by incorporating cylindrical and linear forms. The integration with luminaries is based on elementary geometrical lines, which generate an aesthetic language based on structural simplicity and visual lightness.


De SCL-serie bestaat uit een cilindrische mast uit GALVANIZED STEEL met een a The SCL series consists of a main cylindrical structure of AISI 304 stainless steel, 114 or 139 millimetres in diameter and 9 metres standard height. This unit incorporates a stainless steel bracket with a compartment for housing the power supply. The series includes an adjustable anchoring system enabling the luminaire to tilt at an angle of 5º. diameter van 114m en een hoogte van 7,5 meter.


The use of AISI 304 stainless steel in the SCL series prevents the degrading action of highly aggressive environments, such as coastal areas. The robust design and use of durable materials ensure a high degree of resistance to the passage of time and vandal actions. The SCL series surface can be polished to a glossy or satin finish, thermo-lacquered or sprayed in two tones of polyurethane in the RAL colour of choice.


Technical keys

technical keys


Here are the basic dimension of the SCL serie:

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