Specific urban areas are defined by characteristic architectural perspectives and frames of reference. This is the reason why the Infinitum series releases space from unnecessary poles, providing flow and visual lightness to the environment. The proportionality of the whole and its photometric versatility enables the creation of multiple lighting scenes.


Conjugating elementary forms generates a harmonic aesthetic language, providing an alternative to the visual imbalance produced by projectors arranged in geometrically dissimilar columns.
During the design process of the Infinitum series, the continuity of the cylindrical shape determined a new conceptual horizon, triggering an ideal symbiosis between column and projectors. Together with its avant-garde lines, this projector is characterized by its functionality and adaptability. Each projector can be shifted 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally, integrating a highly versatile LED module capable of generating both accent scenes through concentrated optics, as well as directional distributions through extensive optical systems.


The cylindrical body of the projector Infinitum is made of a main AISI304 or AISI316 stainless steel structure, polished and painted, whose aim is to avoid the corrosive action of highly aggressive environments such as coastal areas. In turn, the series integrates an internal extruded and anodized 6063-T6 chassis, which acts as a continuous thermal dissipation conduit. Depending on the specific needs of each project, it is possible to vary the length and width of the Infinitum projector, adapting it to new applications.
Finally, the Infinitum column and its adjustable fastening systems are available in stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316, either painted or polished, reaching a standard height of 15 m.


The Infinitum projector incorporates one of the most recycled materials in the world: steel. Its planned reintroduction in the productive cycle of other industries once the luminaire’s useful life ends will mean significant energy savings compared to the use of other metals.
Likewise, and unlike materials such as aluminum injection, the application of extruded aluminum in the manufacture of the dissipating chassis allows its reuse in other product categories.
Following the implementation of ISO 14001, and the development of the sustainability master plan, SETGA has promoted the reduction of the carbon footprint in all its components as well as the design of a long-term recycling system for each component.


Technical keys

technical keys

Descriptive views


Here are the basic dimensions of the INFINITUM series:



Standard Photometries. The SETGA optical department can study additional configurations adapted to each project.


Jesús Fole
Jesús Fole

Architect and Product Designer (Pontevedra)

Jesús Fole
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