The design integrity inherent to the Essenze series has triggered a new rationalist language, where form follows function, preserving the honesty of advanced materials and the contrast of every detail, expanding performance boundaries from reliability and technological robustness.


The intelligent integration of various aesthetic and industrial trends has transformed the technological status quo, creating a new relationship between light and urban space.
SETGA has merged contemporary trends in the automotive industry with the aesthetic of Central European watchmaking to create a compact format, harmonizing the dynamic nature of the unit with the contrast and robustness inspired by each mechanical component. This dialogue between efficient rationality and technical precision defines a new urban dimension through which the luminaires grow in the longitudinal direction of the roadway, harmonizing the visual perspective of the observer.


The compact aluminium AL 6063-T6 extruded and anodized body minimizes the degrading effect of aggressive environments. The column anchoring system is characterized by high structural reliability. A robust locking mechanism, close to the centre of gravity of the luminaire, eliminates the front tilting risk inherent to any large format. Finally, the set of injected aluminium end caps and Stainless Steel screws through which the sliding driver system is accessed has been designed to prevent fasteners from loosening during the extraction process, speeding up maintenance and preserving thread effectiveness over the lifetime of the luminaire.


Each new luminaire in the Essenze series is the result of a highly sustainable industrial process, distinguished by its recycling capacity and optimization of applied materials. When compared to other processed aluminium, aluminium 6063-T6’s high purity ensures full reuse by other industries in future. Additionally, the high thermal conductivity of this material allows for component size adjustment, resulting in advanced thermal performance with lower material density than bodies manufactured from other aluminium. Following the latest ISO 14001 audit, and the implementation of the master plan for sustainability, SETGA has driven the design of a long-term recycling system for each Essenze component.


Technical keys

technical keys


Here are the basic dimensions of the ESSENZE-P series:



Standard Photometries. The SETGA optical department can study additional configurations adapted to each project.

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