Functionality shaped by avant-garde at the service of urban comfort. This is the genesis of Diversity, the awakening of a LED generation where visual subtlety drives integration into a wide variety of outdoor applications.


The Diversity illustrates modularity and versatility, defining authentic spaces that transcend over time. Circular geometry and compact design evoke timeless values. The fusion between straight and curved lines connected through discrete intersections lend modernity to the whole set. In this aesthetic exercise, design also promotes effectiveness and efficiency, enhancing thermal self-cooling and dissipation, as well as optical customization capabilities.
The lenses are arranged in the form of a Greek cross, generating a wide variety of photometric possibilities and optimizing highly complex layouts.


The main structure is shaped by an EN AC-44100 injected aluminium body. The material is free of copper alloy, thereby increasing resistance to corrosion compared to most existing market injections. In highly aggressive environments, optional anodizing substantially extends the life cycle of the body.
The configuration of the mechanical structure creates a thermal bridge between the dissipation area of the LED module and the power supply, avoiding critical heat transmission, which characterizes a large number of standard architectures.


Technical keys

technical keys

Descriptive views

Dimensions and installation

The Diversity luminaire has an outside diameter of 550mm and a variable height depending on the driver installed.

This product can be anchored in various ways, it can be provided with a hanging ringbolt or with an adjustable bracket of various sizes.

It exists in 48 and 96 LED versions and with different power and lens regulations for even the most demanding applications such as outdoor sports fields.

Its installation is done with M12 screws or hanging ringbolts.


proyectores DIVERSITY



Standard Photometries. The SETGA optical department can study additional configurations adapted to each project.


Jesús Saavedra
Jesús Saavedra

Chief Innovation Officer (SETGA)

Jesús Saavedra
Francisco Paz
Francisco Paz

Thermodynamic Engineer (SETGA)

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