Quantum’s uniformity of light illuminates the path between Beuningen and Wichen

Quantum’s uniformity of light illuminates the path between Beuningen and Wichen

A new area of the province of Gueldes has SETGA’s Quantum luminaire to bring light to a stretch of road.

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The route that links the cities of Beuningen and Wichen, in the Netherlands, has had its luminaires replaced by a more suitable option for today’s uses and with LED technology: the Quantum luminaire.

The quality of the lighting on this stretch, of less than 10 kilometers of the N847, is now better since a system that provides a quieter and more uniform light has been installed there. This option makes it easier for vehicles to drive along this route, which takes just 15 minutes by car and connects the towns of these two municipalities in the province of Gelderland.

Reduction of electricity consumption is another advantage of carrying out this change of luminaires on the N847 road.

This is not the first time that the Quantum model has been chosen in this province of the Netherlands, so its usefulness and performance have been tested in real cases in this area.

The main values that have been taken into account to choose this model, manufactured by SETGA, are the durability of the luminaire, the careful production process that we carry out in our company and its technical quality.

Quantum is an LED luminaire that is at the forefront of public outdoor lighting. Its design, reliability and high performance make it a great option. It is modularity structured in two bodies. Its rear part is made of a copper-free alloy, so its resistance to corrosion is one of its differential points.

As the enterprise points out, another special feature of this device is the high dust and water resistance (IP68) and the argon gas filling of the lamp compartment in combination with the innovative controller housing. This offers space for all kinds of future-proof controllers as well as outdoor lamp sensors.

The glass used is 100% of natural origin and, therefore, fully recyclable. This feature minimises the environmental impact of this luminaire. In addition, the carbon footprint is reduced in the production of Quantum.

In the case of the installation of this track between Beuningen and Wichen, the fittings are equipped with a Zhaga connector on top.

The company that installed the luminaires here was Speer Infra from Naarden.

Published on 13/02/2021