SETGA awarded best urban lighting project 2017 by ICOIGG (College of Industrial Engineers of Galicia)

SETGA awarded best urban lighting project 2017 by ICOIGG (College of Industrial Engineers of Galicia)

The illustrious College of Industrial Engineers of Galicia (ICOIIG) has awarded the Spanish manufacturer SETGA for the series of Talo LED luminaires designed for the humanisation of Avenida Luís Rocafort in Sanxenxo, Pontevedra

The award, delivered on the 13th during the “night of energy” held in the city of A Coruña, recognises the Galician company for the co-design, development and manufacture of this unique signature luminaire for one of the major tourist cities of Spain.

This urban regeneration project was promoted by Pontevedra Council and Sanxenxo City Council in 2017, and its design was elaborated by the architect Jesús Fole, who participated in the definition and co-development of multiple elements of the project such as the pavements and the award-winning Talo luminaires.

According to the ICOIIG, the elements that this luminaire reward are its ability to combine an aesthetic avant-garde and simplicity through a highly elementary design, a high degree of technological innovation, the application of eco-design principles and a selection of materials and, finally, native manufacturing.

93% of the value added in components of the Talo luminaire have been manufactured in Galicia and 98% within Spain, with the final assembly of the luminaire taking place on the SETGA assembly line in Pontevedra.  The project has had a positive impact on the Spanish production system, particularly considering the participation of members of the social employment programme “Light and Talent”, promoted by the Red Cross and SETGA since May last year.

From an aesthetic point of view, few will recognise Talo as a source of light during the day, but during the night, its atmosphere, light quality and interactive nature leaves this in no doubt. Talo represents an urban sculpture inspired by the mast and sails of a ship, providing imposing reference spines to the street.

It stands out for its ability to respond to the “Hidden technology” concept, allowing citizens to experience the best of the latest urban technology without feeling invaded or dominated by its presence.

This philosophy made the SETGA series a central element in the world’s most important lighting show in Frankfurt in March, integrating various urban services into its structure. Technologies such as a charging point for electric vehicles, an interactive beacon that reinforces a zebra crossing, SETGA’s Circadionic technology capable of adapting LED colour temperature to people’s circadian rhythm, and a point-to-point remote management system. From where all of these services can be controlled from a central platform.

The most important of the series awarded by the ICOIIG, however, is its ability to integrate the most advanced technologies in a compact and imperceptible way, achieving a high degree of harmonisation with the environment. There are currently more than four urban projects in different Dutch cities that will incorporate the Talo series during 2018, taking advantage of SETGA’s strong presence in the Netherlands.

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Published on 21/02/2020