The search for highly ergonomic concepts defines new urban comfort horizons. Refined form and accurate detail bring to life to a new generation of urban benches, combining a robust support structure with hidden fastening systems and warm contact.


The seat and backrest are made of slats of tropical wood anchored to two aluminium legs, which double up as armrests and support the whole unit. Stainless steel anchoring screws increase the reliability of the hidden fastening system. Different lengths are available, according to project requirement: 680 mm/1750 mm/3000 mm. Stainless steel threaded rods and a chemical anchor made of epoxy resin fix the aluminium leg structure to the ground.


The metal legs are made by melting Al 2520 aluminium in a metal chill mould, machining the surface and providing the unit with a protective treatment and finish based on two layers of epoxy primer and two coats of two-component polyurethane varnish, in standard gray (RAL9007).
The wooden slats are subjected to a protective treatment consisting of priming corrosion inhibitors such as anti-tannins and a double layer of bituminous waterproofing, which helps preserve the original colour. The materials, applied protection and finishing processes guarantee the durability of the whole unit.


The wooden slats undergo a protective treatment consisting of the antitannian primer and the application of CABRIOLET two waterproofing bituminous layers as a finish, in order to protect them and preserve their color,  preserving their aesthetic essence over time. The materials chosen and the protection and finishing processes applied to each component of the Cabriolet series guarantee the permanence in time of the whole set.


Technical keys

technical keys


Here are the basic dimensions of the Cabriolet serie:

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