The LED conquest of the streets of Amsterdam is on the right track

The LED conquest of the streets of Amsterdam is on the right track

The first stage of the installation in Amsterdam of the 42,000 LED units manufactured by theSpanish company SETGA has been completed.

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In Amsterdam, light is an element of the city and accompanies the passer-by in their transit through the different streets. The care taken to combine aesthetics, careful lighting of the different spaces and energy efficiency is equal.

In mid 2019 a challenge was launched to the lighting market by means of a European tender to provide the best LED solution for this Dutch city. An ambitious project in which the ease of installation, the management burden, the reduction of energy used and the acquisition costs were taken into account.

The main objective was to improve the energy efficiency of the city, but respecting its original identity and aesthetic form, trying to produce the least impact on the life of passers-by.

Finally, the joint project between SETGA and Modernista was the winner of the tender. Together, both firms are now dedicating their efforts to transforming the plan into a reality and equipping this European capital with a total of 42,000 luminaires with high efficiency LED units.

This work will continue until 2021. During this time, thousands of lighting elements, divided into 73 different types, will be equipped with the latest generation LED light sources equipped
with argon gas technology.

In recent weeks, the heart of all ARC luminaires in the city of Amsterdam has been equipped with LED devices. The next step will be to transform the interior of more than 10,000 Friso Kramer fixtures (Indal 2000). This will be followed by the Aurora and FGS luminaires.

This is a firm commitment to co-innovation, agility and continuous technical support. The development of the LED units is carried out in close coordination between SETGA, the Amsterdam municipality and the installer. The final objective is to try to make light an integrating element between aesthetics and functionality, allowing a further step forward in the Amsterdam inhabitants life evolution and the space through which neighbours and visitors to the city of the Netherlands pass.

Published on 30/10/2020