Slenderness and dynamism to redefine the role of light in people’s lives. The Round series evolves by unleashing new forms of aesthetic magnetism in urban space while preserving the balance of its proportions, the simplicity of each stroke and the visual cleanliness of the whole.


The Round series has evolved as a new response to space based on elementary geometric strokes that fuse timelessness and simplicity with slenderness and dynamism through the “flat design”. Its vocation is to create a universe of sensations adapted to the soul of each space, generating affectivity and reception through positional dispositions, or fascination and security through directional distributions. Since its launch, the Round series has been transformed maximizing its thermal conductivity and to neutralize the corrosive effects of moisture in the LED optical module. That is why we continue to preserve the balance between form and functionality inherent in this icon of the Setga brand.


The upper body of the Round luminaire is formed by a machined and anodized aluminum chassis that acts as a direct mechanism of heat dissipation and structural element, at the same time it stands out for its high resistance to corrosion. The lower surface of the luminaire is characterized by the application of a tempered glass closure capable of being vitrified with the shield of any city. In aesthetic terms, the evolution in the distribution of the LEDs modifies the shape of the screen in the tempered glass so that it is a cut circle, in this way the luminaire will have a more addressable design. Both elements, upper and lower, are perimeter wrapped by an anodized aluminum AL6063-T5 frame. Finally, the development of an optical system with HTS® technology has allowed to increase the final efficiency of the luminaire by 8%, reducing the losses due to reflection by 55% with respect to those market standards that apply a secondary lens system with closing of tempered glass.


The design strategy inherent in the Round series is characterized by the combination of highly sustainable materials. Compared to injected aluminum, the high purity of Al 5754 aluminum facilitates its reuse by other industries in the future. The 100% natural origin of the glass makes this material fully recyclable and minimizes the environmental impact of its transformation process. Having the first European glass transformation line powered by solar technology, the carbon footprint of this series has undergone substantial reductions.
Finally, after the last revision of ISO 14001, and the implementation of the sustainability master plan, SETGA has promoted the design of a long-term recycling system for each component of the Round series.


Technical keys

technical keys

Descriptive views

Dimensions and installation

The Round II luminaire inherits the ultra-compact design and dimensions of the first model. In aesthetic terms, the evolution in the distribution of the LEDs modifies the shape of the screen in the tempered glass so that it is a cut circle, in this way the luminaire will have a more movable design.

The anchoring system with 4 bolts is designed to facilitate its anchoring to plates allowing some clearance in the position of the anchoring holes.

The design is also optimized to fit perfectly with our range of columns so that the arm merges seamlessly with the Round. The specific arm of some of the compatible columns allows a pitch regulation from 15 ° to ascending front.




Standard Photometries. The SETGA optical department can study additional configurations adapted to each project.

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