Inadequate vertical illuminance levels at crosswalks, with regard to most existing regulations, together with high driver distraction levels hinder pedestrian identification, increasing the risk of accident. To overcome this challenge, the Prudenza system integrates an intermittent beacon aimed at drivers and an interactive light with high incidence over pedestrian vertical planes.


By detecting pedestrian presence in a close spatial environment, the Prudenza series intensifies the vertical plane luminance level, facilitating anticipated driver recognition of pedestrians. An adapted photometry and optical system (MRLS® – Micro refractive light surface) guarantees a full visual comfort level for drivers, with no glare.
The flashing beacon system aimed at vehicles reinforces the message, increasing driver alertness and visual focus on the crosswalk. The Prudenza series is also known for its connectivity with other complementary traffic light reinforcement series.



The Prudenza system comprises a cylindrical column of AISI314 or AISI316 Stainless Steel (standard height and diameter: 4 or 6 m and 129 mm, respectively), irrespective of the adaptability requirements of each project. This element integrates a beaconing system with amber LED optics, a presence detector, and a Stainless Steel LED luminaire equipped with an optical LED module immersed in an argon gas atmosphere. The finish of this set is obtained by a thermal coating process or through the application of two-component polyurethane. The vocation of these materials is to avoid the degrading action of highly aggressive environments, such as coastal areas.



The Prudenza luminaire incorporates one of the world’s most long-lasting and recycled materials—steel. Reintroducing steel to the production cycle of other industries at end-of-useable life will produce significant energy savings compared with other metals. Glass is 100% natural and fully recyclable, thereby minimizing the environmental impact of its transformation process. With the support of the first European glass processing line powered by solar technology, the carbon footprint of this series has been substantially reduced. Following the implementation of ISO 14001 and the development of the sustainability master plan, SETGA has striven to reduce the carbon footprint of all its components, by designing a long-term recycling system for each one.


Technical keys

technical keys

Descriptive views

Dimensions and installation

The PRUDENZA set is characterized by the union of luminaire and column. It would be available in high total columns from 5.9 to 8.9 meters.

The luminaire module is Ø630 and 66mm high. This module is already installed in the Ø129mm column.

As an extra, the PRUDENZA can have a presence sensor module, in addition its flashing orange light flashers give drivers warning.

The installation will be carried out on a base of 200x200mm and M18 bolts.


luminarias prudenza



Standard Photometries. The SETGA optical department can study additional configurations adapted to each project.

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