The Identidade series redefines the concept of conventional bollards. Typographical sculptures enhance authenticity and express the identity of each city, while demarcating space and emphasizing the transition between urban areas, providing a welcoming experience based on cohesion and urban diversity.


The stainless steel Identidade series has a standard height of 900 mm, while the length of each typographical element or letter is adaptable to project requirements. This series incorporates an adjustable anchor for easy and speedy letter extraction. Protecting citizens is a key design aspect, hence the rounded finish of all edges ensuring tactile safety and aesthetics.


The Identidade series is manufactured entirely in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel alloys known for their excellent performance against corrosion, making the unit resistant to the degrading action of aggressive urban environments. The robust design and durable materials contribute to high resistance to the passage of time and vandalism. Frosted or satin finishes confer a modern look, preserving the aesthetic balance and clean lines. The standard surface of the Identidade bollard is a satin finish, but other finishes can be applied, such as polished, matt and lacquered.


Technical keys

technical keys


Here are the basic dimensions of the Identidade serie:

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