The cylindrical structure of the bollard delimits and energizes mobility networks, promoting pedestrian safety and enabling periodic traffic accessibility by means of an intelligent extraction system. Bollard dimensions and the incorporation of a reflective strip facilitate visibility, while the stainless steel structure enhances mimicry with the architectural style of each city; individual identities can be engraved on the upper surface.


The Dinamic series consists of a satin or frosted stainless steel cylindrical frame, 89 mm in diameter and 1.2 m in height. The upper section of the bollard incorporates a reflective band, topped by an engraved or screen-printed steel lid, with an identifying feature. The base of the unit is decorated by a ring, 185 mm in diameter, indicating the junction with the pavement; the model can be fixed or removable. The second option incorporates a patented automatic coupling system, which facilitates extraction with a special key.


The Dinamic series is manufactured in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel alloys known for their excellent performance against corrosion, providing the unit with good resistance against the degrading action of aggressive urban environments. The robust design and durable materials contribute to a high degree of resistance to the passage of time, vandalism or vehicle impact. Frosted or satin finishes confer a modern look, preserving the aesthetic balance and clean lines.


Technical keys

technical keys


Here are the basic dimensions of the Dinamic serie:

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