The DFT series, initially designed to humanize the urban center of the Dutch city of Vlaardingen, has been designed to delimit and create a sense of intimacy in pedestrian areas through a photometric accent distribution.


When the public space lacks clear axes and referential alignments, the introduction of cylindrical light bodies emphasizes the sense of depth, triggering the birth of a new light scene. Acting as a visual link between the limits of urban space is the vocation of the DFT series. Since its birth in the Dutch city of Vlaardingen more than a decade ago, this series has managed to revalidate its ability to continue strengthening the identity of the most avant-garde environments in the era of urban authenticity.


The body of the DFT lamp post is made up of an AISI304 or AISI316L stainless steel structure, painted in any ral or polished, and a high impact PMMA cylindrical diffuser characterized by its high level of resistance to UV radiation. Inside it is integrated a symmetrical LED optical module of 45 low power LEDs whose sealing level reaches an IP66. Likewise, the modular nature of this set allows the incorporation of complementary accessories in the column aimed at providing the urban space with greater interactivity.


The DFT lamp post incorporates one of the most durable and recycled materials in the world, steel. Its planned reintroduction in the productive cycle of other industries once the luminaire’s useful life ends will result in significant energy savings compared to the use of other metals. Following the implementation of ISO 14001, and the development of the sustainability master plan, SETGA has promoted the reduction of the carbon footprint in all its components, in turn designing a long-term comprehensive recycling system.


Technical keys

technical keys

Descriptive views


Here are the basic dimensions of the DFT series:

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