The Argand lamp was a revolutionary design of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, which triggered a lighting and aesthetic paradigm change with the integration of a cylindrical light body. The CHP series reinterprets this concept, blending tradition and modernity.


By retrieving the essence of historical cylindrical light bodies such as the Argand lamp, the CHP series humanizes the night scene, evoking nostalgia of a bygone era reborn as urban authenticity. A purity of lines and proportions balances the whole, enhancing the real character of historic environments, without interfering with architectural value.
The design was conceived by renowned Spanish architect, Jesús Fole, and was named as part of the best technical lighting concept in Spain by prestigious magazine, Iluminet.


The CHP lantern body consists of an AISI304 or AISI316 Stainless Steel structure to prevent the degrading action of highly aggressive environments, such as coastal areas.
A circular frame of anodized, extruded aluminium 6063-T5 is incorporated as a LED module heat sink.
This series is characterized by a water tightness rating of IP66, and its light body comprises a LED beacon made of high impact PMMA, highly resistant to UV radiation.


The CHP series can be integrated in a single, double, triple or quadruple column, as well as in a bracket or catenary system.

The CHP column and arm are made of AISI 304 or AISI 316L Stainless Steel alloys distinguished by their excellent performance against corrosion, providing the unit with an appropriate level of resistance against the degrading action of aggressive urban environments.


Technical keys

technical keys

Descriptive views

Dimensions and installation

The CHP series recovers the cylindrical shape of the lanterns of yesteryear by combining it with the pure lines of modernity. This series is made up of the CHP and the CHP Compact, same lantern but of less length.

Its design is designed to work both in arms to facade, as in catenary and even in different column combinations. Its efficiency and easy maintenance make this lamp an optimal option for an urban environment.

The installation of the CHP lantern, both normal and Compact, is reduced to its placement on the corresponding arm, so that its central axis is perpendicular to the ground.

faroles CHP



Standard Photometries. The SETGA optical department can study additional configurations adapted to each project.

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Jesús Fole
Jesús Fole

Architect and Product Designer (Pontevedra)

Jesús Fole
César Portela
César Portela

Architect · National Architecture Award (Pontevedra)

César Portela
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